GTO and 3000GT Fuel Tank Stud Repair Kit

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GTO and 3000GT Fuel Tank Stud Repair Kit

The principal components of this repair kit are two C-shaped repair plates that are fastened underneath the top of your fuel tank and contain threaded holes (in precise locations) to accept up to six new bolts to replace any missing studs on your fuel tank. These C-shaped repair plates are sealed to the underside of the top of the fuel tank with O-rings which provide a leak-proof seal. This repair kit can be used to replace ANY number of broken studs on top of your fuel tank, even ALL SIX of your original studs can be replaced with brand new stainless steel bolts which are included in this kit. So no need to worry yourself about snapping those feeble, rusty studs. (We can't help but believe there exists an engineer at Mitsu with a sick sense of humour. How else can the choice of those ridiculous feeble studs be explained)?


Included with the kit are:  

  • Four O-rings for sealing repair plates to tank. 
  • Four 5mm stainless button-head screws to attach the C-shaped repair plates to the tank.
  • Allen key for tightening above button-head screws. 
  • Six 5mm stainless hex-head bolts used to replace any broken/missing studs.
  • Two 5mm nuts for above bolts.
  • 7/32" drill bit to drill holes for any new bolts being used to replace broken/missing studs. 
  • piece of 120grit emery paper for deburring holes.
(Mail picture is shown with optional rental circular hole drilling jig, all items in GREEN included with kit)

A special drilling guide jig is also available to rent with this kit for a small fee with a fully Refundable £100 deposit. There is a link to rent this Jig at the bottom of this screen

This Jig is designed to be positioned onto the top of your fuel tank and act as a drill guide to allow you to precisely drill all the necessary holes into the top of your tank. We consider this fixture to be absolutely essential to the repair kit and that it would be virtually impossible to drill holes in the correct places without it.


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