GTO and 3000GT Hardrace Rear Adjustable Ball Joints (A Pair)

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GTO and 3000GT Hard Race Rear Adjustable Ball Joints (A Pair)

By installing the HARDRACE Roll-Center Adjuster kit, it will correct the suspension geometry of a lowered car, putting the control arms back closer to its original position, resulting in increased steering response and stability while eliminating bump steer . Decreases body roll . Improves tire contact patch with the road . Increases steering wheel responsiveness . Enables increased cornering force.

Only works on vehicles that have had suspension angle altered due to vehicle height change. Note: Not recommended for vehicles that are lowered less than 50mm (2 inches), nor without enough suspension angle altered. Depending on the suspension setup, installing roll center may change vehicle height.

Finally a solution to worn out lower arm ball joints is our uprated kit that includes drop links as well as uprated Front Trailing Arm bushes all for one amazing price.

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Manufacturers Hard Race
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