GTO and 3000GT Upper Intake Plenum Spacer Kit

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GTO and 3000GT Upper Intake Plenum Spacer Kit

GTO and 3000GT Upper Intake Plenum Spacer Kit

Dramatically reduce the temperature of you Intake Plenum and thus give your engine even cooler air to burn, giving you the ability to make more power.

The denser the air you can give an engine, the more power it will make when mixed with the proportionate amount of fuel. The GTO/3000GT has a large intake plenum that gets incredibly hot during use, due to heat soak from being attached to the engine itself and being in a confined space.
By isolating the Intake Plenum from the engine with the Plenum Spacer you will dramatically reduce the temperature of the Plenum and stop it reheating the air that has just been cooled by your cars Intercoolers. This will allow denser air to enter the engine and allow it to make more power from the added oxygen content that denser air will have.

By adding this Plenum Spacer you will also enable you to put your hand on your Intake Plenum even after high speed runs have been carried out, such is the difference that the Plenum spacer makes to the Plenum's operating temperature when the car is being driven along.

The Plenum Spacer Kit includes:

1x Plenum Spacer
2x Genuine Mitsubishi Plenum Gaskets
1x Set of Replacement Stainless Steel Cap Screws and washers

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